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Mr. Dibyajyoti Dey
Principal (I/C)
R.D Junior College & R.D English Academy

  Welcome to R.D Junior College!

R.D Junior College is one of the Premier educational Institutions of the easternmost part of this country. It has been making remarkable contribution towards the field of Education since its inception. With the help of continuous evaluation method, we try to impart value based Academic education for the overall development of our students. It is a matter of both pride and pleasure for me to say that our students achieved many State ranks at (10 + 2) level in the last years.

As we believe in Discipline and Team Work, I am sure enough that we shall be able to maintain its record of Academic Brilliance in coming years too. I do also hope that the team of dedicated and enthusiastic members of RD will definitely set a new height in the near future.

Long Live RDJC!


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